What to put in the envelope?

 If you want to provide as a marketing expert or a businessman to your clients something memorable, you must make a deep impact on perceptions.


Tricky 3D materials as DM tools

We design and produce the subject of your brief mostly from paper completed with other additional materials. You can find on our website the sort of solutions we adopt to produce pop-up greeting cards, scented matters, an exclusive DM, a spatial brochure, or a light invitation card for a special conference. We introduce our technical potential that features a precise, 100% model, a mock-up within a few days.This might be something completely different from what you have ever seen before - you might not even know what it is – this is what makes it fun: we help to figure it out.

We provide that the appearance of your mail will be the first one among the daily posts to be held in hands for in-sight. Why? Because we wrap into these DM materials something special, a little surprise or an idea that inspires: ’Open it! Pop it up’!


Kits and displays

Introduce yourself or your company in an unusual brochure. It should be a folder with a button, or a Christmas present of jam with wrapping. Show your brochures and products on a special and nice display.

The latest

Scents reveal memories. Abuse the possibilities of the scented matters to occure deeper impacts! Send to your clients fragranced cards or make your own with your design/logo! 




 Remain in front so long

Until the card can be smell, nobody discard it.



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